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Göteborg City airport was founded in 1940 as a military wing. The wing was closed in 1969, and in 1976, work started to take over general aviation from Göteborg's major airport - Landvetter.

In 1984, work also started to adapt the airport for large aircraft. The runway was lengthened by approx 400 metres, and in 2001, Ryanair opened its first route to London. Since then, Ryanair has continued to expand at the airport, and today it has regular flights to aprox 25 destinations in Europe. Nowadays the low cost carriers Wizzair and Gotlandsflyg also fly from Göteborg City Airport.
In 2000, Luftfartsverket (today Swedavia) stepped in as a partner in the airport's operating company together with Volvo and the Municipality of Göteborg. The airport was renamed Göteborg City Airport.

After environment testing, which had been going on since 1993, the Environmental Court of Appeal gave its judgement in 2001. The judgement, which controls much of the airport's operations, gained legal force in 2002.

Important milestones:
1940 - Military airport
1979 - Civil airport with general aviation
1984 - Adaptation to large aircraft
2000 – Name change to Göteborg City Airport
2001 - Decision by the Environmental Court
2002 - Continuous investment
2005 - One of the fastest-growing airport in Sweden,
More than half a million passengers
2006 - Addition of two more low cost airlines
2007 - New terminal with almost twice the space for departures and arrivals
2008 - Continued passenger growth, now number 7 of Swedish airports.
Classified as an airport of national interest
2009 - A new domestic route starts to Visby with Gotlandsflyg
2010 - A total number of 715 000 passengers
2012- Göteborg City Airport continues to grow and passenger numbers are now up to over 800 000
2013- Flies to 25 destinations in 14 countries